bright night school

Consider Bright Night School today!

The purpose of Bright Night School is to provide biblical and Christian living teaching to help people move forward with their relationship with God.

Expect to go deeper in your relationship with God, be stretched, be filled and make friends!

Is Bright Night School for you? 

  • Are you hungry for more of God?
  • Are you interested in developing your understanding of Christian disciplines?
  • Are you wanting to mature spiritually?
  • Are you willing to commit to the training?
  • Are you willing to be part of a learning community?

If you answered yes to the questions above, Bright Night School might be the perfect fit for you!

course details

Pathway 1 – Alphacrucis College

  • Attend classes
  • Accredited towards a Diploma Degree
  • Pay Alphacrucis subject fee
  • Readings and assignments

Pathway 2 – Audit

  • Attend classes
  • Not accredited
  • Smaller Fee
  • No readings or assignments

Thursday at 7:30pm

Course Details

• 13 Weeks of study (with semester break)

• 4 assessments (weekly tests, 2 small assignments, 1 larger assignment)

Study Time

• 1.5 hours of teaching on Thursday

• 1-1.5 hours of readings per week which tests are based on

Semester 1 – March to June (13 sessions with break)
Semester 2 – July to November (13 sessions with break)
Semester 1 – Old Testament Foundations

The foundational documents of the Christian Faith are found in the Old Testament. It is the first instance of God’s self-revelation to humanity, it points forward to Jesus, and it provides glimpses of the Holy Spirit at work. The themes, theology, wisdom, history, and narrative form the basis for anything the New Testament has to teach us. This Subject will equip you to uncover the significance and relevance of the Old Testament to being a disciple of Jesus.

Semester 2 – New Testament Foundations

The New Testament is an exciting document that outlines the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the early writings of the church. This subject will introduce the purpose, content, and message of the New Testament books with particular focus on the historical and cultural implications of their setting, and how this broad diversity of literature presents an incredibly unified and coherent message.

Pathway 1 – Alphacrucis College
  • $1400 through Alphacrucis (Fee-HELP available)
Pathway 2 – Audit
  • $100 to Bright Church

applications for semester one 2024 are now open