Bright Internship

If you have a teachable spirit and a desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus – sign up today to express your interest in next internship intake at Bright Church! Doing an internship year at Bright will inevitably transform your life. At the end of the year, you will be equipped with ministry experience and leadership coaching, also graduating with a fully certified Higher Education Diploma of Leadership from Alphacrucis College.

During the course of the internship, you will receive:

  • Mentorship from a Bright Church leader                                          
  • Face-to-face leadership teaching
  • Ministry and theology tutorials and group lessons
  • Real-life ministry experience
  • Enriching off-campus events

Taking Applications Now

February 2021 Intake

Ps Ben & Sarah Fagerland

Ps Ben & Sarah Fagerland

Senior Pastors

We have full confidence that if you devote a year to an internship at Bright Church, you will grow in your leadership and communication skills as you deepen your understanding of God. The teaching, leadership coaching and ministry experience at Bright will transform you and propel you towards reaching your potential.

It’s our passion to see people develop into who God has created them to be and we’re excited to see the transformation in anyone who takes up the challenge to give God one year.


I did the internship as I had on my heart to give God a year of my life and this felt like my next step. In the internship, I have been challenged and I’ve grown more than I could have ever imagined. I have been surrounded by people who are on fire for God and the church leaders have empowered me in my ministry work and my faith. I have developed as a leader and truly consider the other leaders and interns family! If you want to challenge yourself, grow in your faith and as a leader, then the Bright internship is for you!

I decided to do the internship at Bright Church because I wanted to grow in my leadership skills and knowledge of the Bible. Saying yes to the internship meant that I had to give up paid days at my work. Although this felt like a sacrifice, it has been the best decision. I have learned so much and grown in so many ways. Being surrounded by incredible Christian leaders and personally mentored has been encouraging, challenging and inspiring. I have learned so much about Christian leadership through the internship, from being humble to having vision to taking healthy risks. The internship has exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn. I would recommend anyone who is interested in growing in their faith, knowledge of God and the Bible, and in their leadership skills to do the internship at Bright Church!


The Bright Internship has brought a journey of growth in self, growth in leadership and growth in relationship with God. Outside of tasks and study, you gain a family of people who care and push you to grow in ways you might not have thought you could! So, if you’re hungry for God, internship gets a tick. If you’re eager to begin or grow in ministry, the internship gets a massive tick! Give God a year and see the wonders He can bring!

The Bright Internship has shaped and grown me in my faith and helped me better understand God’s plan for my life. I’ve learnt so much about myself, leadership and spirituality! If you’re considering the internship, my advice would be pray, as God will open up the door if it’s part of his plan. It’s far from easy, but so rewarding! This internship is for anyone of any age wanting to develop themselves, their faith and work in ministry.
I considered doing the internship after people I trusted and respected told me that I should. I decided to trust God and take a stab at it. God got me in after 2 interviews! So far I have learnt a lot about myself and my relationship with God. I would recommend the internship to anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of God and themselves. 

Course Details

 26 weeks of study, with 3 assignments per unit of study.

  • 1 hour of allocated teaching or tutorials per subject per week
  • 1-1.5 hours of reading per subject per week
  • We recommend that students do additional study outside of this

Semester 1

  • LEA001 – Introduction to Leadership
  • MIN002 – Christian Spirituality
  • EXP001 – Professional Practice
  • BIB001 – Introduction to the Bible

Semester 2

  • LEA002 – Advanced Leadership
  • THE001 – Christian Worldview
  • LEA002 – Public Speaking
  • BIB002 – Genesis

Day 1: 9am – 4pm


  • Prayer and Testimonies
  • Leadership Teaching (Subject 1)
  • Bible Teaching (Subject 2)


  • Mentoring, ministry and study time

Day 2: 9am – 4pm


  • Chapel
  • Teaching (Subjects 3&4)


  • Mentoring, ministry and study time
  • Completed high school (exceptions may be considered for early school leavers, or mature aged applicants)
  • Is a Bright Church partner (attended growth track and connected into a small group)
  • Must have a laptop
  • Must have a driver’s license
  • Must have or obtain a WWCC and police check
  • Start Date: February (with course classes starting in March)
  • End Date: December 25th (with course classes finishing in November)
  • 26 weeks of study
  • Study Fees: $1200 per unit x 8 units = $9600 (FEE-Help available)
  • Practicum Fees: $500 upfront per semester ($1000 for the year)