bright christmas service

As we reflect on the year that has been, it doesn’t take us long to recall the many challenges of 2021. The unpredictable nature of Covid-19 has resulted in health scares, and job insecurity. When scrolling through our news feed we are reminded of supply shortages, political unrest, and warfare. Perhaps this year chaos has been closer than ever in your own life. You may be longing for restoration in your families, or peace within your own heart and mind. But hope is not lost! In fact, it begins with Jesus.

During this Christmas season we invite you to come and celebrate the birth of Jesus, who 2000 years ago chose to step into the human experience to draw close to us. He was called the Price of Peace, as with Him came a true gospel of of peace!

Join us on Sunday 19th December at our 9am & 11am services as we worship, enjoy special carol performances and come together one last time before Christmas Day.