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At Bright Kids Church, our mission is to raise children who love God and are empowered by their understanding that He has a plan for their life. Kids Ministry is not babysitting. Our desire is for our children to grow as they learn, worship God in all circumstances and build strong healthy relationships with others. Our curriculum is Bible based and incorporates songs, games and fun activities that help children understand more about who God is and that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Explorers (1-4 Years)

The Explorers room is a warm and inviting atmosphere for toddlers. In this space children are able to experience God’s love though simple stories, songs and play experiences. Children are provided with a small snack during the session however, parents are encouraged to bring a drink bottle and a comfort toy for your child.

Innovators (4 Years – Prep)

The Innovators room is a fun and exciting place where children experience biblical teaching through stories and craft activities and also participate in praise and worship, games and guided play sessions together. We provide a snack and a drink for the children.

Activators (Grade 1 – Grade 6)

The Activators room is a friendly and engaging environment where children are learn biblical teachings through interactive teaching that is engaging and fun. Our program involves praise and worship, tithes and offerings, games, age appropriate Bible teaching and the use of educational media. Part of each week is spent in age based groups where children have a chance to talk about what they’ve learnt and how they can apply it to their lives. We provide a small snack and drink for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our kids program runs all year round and run concurrent with our 10am services. During school holidays the kids will still get together to watch movies, play games and have fun together.

No, Activate Kids is a free program for your children.
No, we provide a snack for all age groups (Nut-free).

Our Kids leaders do not change nappies. If your child requires a nappy change you will be contacted. We have a parents room with changing facilities available. For older children, we will accompany children to the toilet as required.

Activate Kids runs services for the following age groups:

  • Explorers: 12 Months – 4 Years.
  • Innovators: 4 years – Prep.
  • Activators: Grade 1 – Grade 6.

Parents are always welcome in our programs.

In the Explorers and Innovators room, parent helpers are requested to assist. Although it’s not a requirement in our Activators room, we appreciate the assistance of parents in our rooms. If you would like to help out, please speak to one of our leaders.

We value the safety of your child! Every leader that serves within Bright Kids has completed a Working with Children Check. Each leader is also required to complete an application form and their references and background are then verified to ensure they are a good fit for Bright Kids. Our leaders also receive ongoing training in relation to safety procedures concerning children.

Parent’s Information

Registration Procedures
We can help you enrol your child in our Bright Kids program. Please speak to our leaders at the sign-in point and we will be more than happy to help you fill in the correct registration form.

Sign In & Pick Up
The sign in desk is located in the Bright Kids area. Children can be signed in and dropped off any time after 9:40am. Pick up is required as soon as church finishes. Please ensure you have signed out your children on pick up so that we know they are safely back in your hands. Children leaving parents for the first time may be anxious about being left in a new environment, so please feel free to remain with your child until you feel confident to leave.

We have two rules based on the greatest commandments (Matthew 23:37-39). Honour God and others. We use positive reinforcement to encourage children to make sensible choices. Children are given three warnings and if behaviour fails to improve, children may be placed back into the main service with their parent. We will discuss any inappropriate behaviour with parents if required and work on a solution together.

Each of our rooms has their own age appropriate curriculum, aimed to teach children God’s Word in a fun and practical way. We write and develop our own curriculum as well as utilising other excellent resources and curriculum. Our teaching is usually themed and explores various topics to equip children to live well in today’s modern society.

Kids In Ministry
We encourage children to begin to explore their gifts by providing opportunities for them to contribute, such as praying, singing and dancing, being involved in dramas and special events. We encourage them to realise they are never too young to serve God, and to set an example to others (1 Timothy 4:12).

Any movies shown for any reason will be ‘G’ rated.

If you’d like to find out more, come and visit us at our AM Service at Bright Church or contact our Kids Pastor, David Barnes by emailing him at

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