kingdom builders

advancing the kingdom of God and leaving a legacy

Kingdom Builders are people who have conviction to advance the Kingdom of God by financing the work of the church. They are people who have generously committed to the future of Bright Church by supporting our Legacy Projects. Our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God in our generation and leave a legacy for the next. Kingdom Builders brings together people with the same heart and allows us to plan for the future. At Bright Church, these people have committed to give a minimum of $2,500 (per household) over a 12 month period ($1000 for students), above their regular giving to see our Legacy become reality.

how to become a kingdom builder

Your next step in becoming a Kingdom Builder is easy! Simply fill in the online form below and select the Kingdom Builder level of commitment you would like to be in. You will automatically be included in any future Kingdom Builder events.

Thank you for partnering with the future of Bright Church.