Legacy is a fund for future kingdom projects. Our goal is to advance the kingdom of God in our generation and build something significant for the next. Our first step is to purchase a permanent church building.


Prepare for today’s obstacles. We cannot stay in our current location forever. We face the risk of not having a location for Bright Church until we secure a permanent site. We need to prepare for this now.


Position for tomorrow’s opportunity. We believe God will graciously provide for us, but it’s important to position ourselves for these opportunities. Legacy provides a way for us to do that.


Provision for future generations. We will advance the kingdom of God in our generation so we can resource future generations. That is our legacy.

legacy offering

Once a year Bright Church takes up a Legacy Offering. All funds go towards our Legacy kingdom projects. We encourage you to pray and faithfully give as God directs you. This year we will be taking up a Legacy Offering on Sunday 23rd June 2024. You are welcome to give prior to this time.

give to the 2024 legacy offering below.